Aberdeen Linux User Group

Welcome to the website of the Aberdeen Linux User Group, AberLUG.

We’re a loose minded collection of individuals with an interest in Linux and Free software.

We have a two monthly meetings which are normally held in Ma Camerons, and previously held a yearly meet-up at the Aberdeen Beer Festival.


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Mailing List

Join our mailing list at the link below.


We have two meetings every month – our current meeting schedule is as follows:

7th of the month.

First Sunday after the 20th of the month.

Everyone is welcome at our meetings – no need to book beforehand, register, etc.

With the ongoing coronavirus situation, meetings are currently being held virtually for the time being – please check the mailing list for details!

Meetings usually start around 19:30 during the week, but mid-afternoon on the weekend.

In person meetings are held in Ma Camerons in the Snug bar if it is available otherwise, look for the penguin!


What is Linux?
Linux is a free and open source operating system. Many different companies release their own versions of Linux, e.g. Red Hat, Ubuntu, etc.What do we discuss at our meetings?Everything! From the latest happenings in the world of Linux, Emacs vs Vi debates to penguins. You can find minutes from our meetings on the mailing list.

How can I join AberLUG?We have no formal membership system as such. If you want to get involved, come along to our meetings and join our mailing list.

How much Linux skills do I need to get involved?None whatsoever. People who take part in our meetings and on our mailing list range from people new to using Linux to experienced systems administrators. Everyone is welcome.

How do I attend a meeting? Is a meeting still going ahead?You can just turn up – you don’t need to register beforehand, etc. and you can turn up later then the meeting start time!

A reminder of meetings is usually sent on our mailing list a few days before the meeting – it is often best to check the mailing list to check if a meeting is still going ahead, and if anyone else is attending, any changes, etc.